Social Responsibility

We are fully committed to our employees. We promote diversity, inclusion and well-being in our entire community through personal and professional development programs.

Our People

Our best asset is our people, reason why we have on-going programs & activities for our staff and their families to make Prointimo a great place to work at.

Our “School of Workers”, is a revolutionary concept developed by Prointimo to promote education, training and skill development while being paid to learn and be able to start a new career.


of our staff today comes from our internal “school of workers”


● Subsidized meal service during working hours

● Employees´ fund and agreements with financial institutions offering preferential interest rates for personal and housing loans


of our staff is directly hired by the company on a permanent basis. Differential salary 16% above the minimum wage.


of our staff lives near our facilities, and we offer free transportation to employees living in Medellín.

Environmental Management

We support waste recycling and disposal through “SERVIMOS”, a non-profit cooperative created within the free trade zone by women & men impacted by violence and/or high level risks with economic benefits for them.

Our People

Our team´s age
range is

20 - 52

years old

The average age of
our employees is


years old

Are between 18 and 26 years old

Are over 42 years old

Are between 27 and 41 years old

Employment opportunities for mothers affected by violence and people with special needs


of our team are women who live in rural areas & are heads of household